13 January 2009

12 January 2009

i won my first election today!

i'm an elected official. the meaning of those words is sinking in slowly, as it works its way through the surreal haze of the day.

i ran for a california democratic party delegate seat in my assembly district, on a hope and a prayer, and won. i had the most incredible campaign team imaginable, who worked as tirelessly (if not more so) than me today, in talking to voters, garnering support, and soliciting votes. i would not have won without them, and am eternally grateful.

today was exhausting, emotionally and physically (and i'm sure the hangover wasn't much help), and at the same time exhilirating, as i'm always astounded by what can be accomplished when the ideals of one person find an audience willing, able, and ready to be led into battle. especially when that one person is me.

just as i believe that california is in a free-falling shit-storm of epic proportion, i believe that barack obama has proven without a shadow of a doubt that one voice can change the world. on that note, my goal as the delegate for my district is to collect the many voices of my constituents, and speak on their behalf in framing what will be the platform of the california democratic party in the coming years.

we've got a tough road ahead of us, and california needs leaders who will listen and act. i plan to be the leader worthy of the trust my supporters have put in me.