15 September 2010

miscalculating GOTV

for months, i've been listening to dems wail about how we're going to lose control of congress this fall, and republicans whoop and holler that they're destined to gain control. a story that's been told, retold, and retooled by the nonsensical propagandists we find in the 24-hour news cycle. but the thing about politics is that it's always too early to tell, when it's never going to be over till the fat lady sings.

and the thing that no one ever really talks about is that the winners will emerge not by what we hear on tv, not by the words spoken by the big mouths in politics, in commentary, or in big money ads special interest organizations are dumping billions of dollars into purchasing and dispersing. it all comes down to six little letters: GOTMFV.

for you non-political hacks, that's "get out the mother fucking vote". those of us who've knocked on thousands of doors across the country, or sent out teams to do it for us, know that wins and losses in politics come down to one thing and one thing alone: the motivation of the voter to get its ass to the polls on election day. and i gotta tell ya, the returns comin' in these past coupla days in primaries around the country are telling tall tales of voter motivation to get to the polls come november 2.

there's little more that will counter voter apathy than a teabagger on the ballot. moderate republicans and independents may've flocked to the polls to vote against a rampant news story that our country is turning into socialist france to vote for its resident republican. but moderate republican and right leaning independents are about as likely to vote for a the radical fringe right that defines the teabagger movement as they are for a liberal democrat. those folks'll be sitting on their tushies this november, cuz they don't have a candidate to motivate their asses to the polls.

dems, on the other hand, seeing a teabagger on the ballot, will be acutely motivated to vote down the radical uprising. so my great words of wisdom to those of you with blogs, political connections, any experience and interest in canvassing or helping to get out the vote, i beseech you to play your part these last seven weekends and GOTMFV!