14 February 2009

diahrrea cha cha cha

to do list for today:
buy a muzzle

(proposed remedy for diarrhea of the mouth, brought on by excessive amounts of alcohol)


13 February 2009

a night at the opera

last night i scooped up my neighbor and some booze, and headed to hollywood for the latest rendition of phantom of the opera. it was awesome! i mean, it's already a really great show, with some moments of epic intensity, but last night, it was times a hundred. i even laughed out loud, in totally inappropriate moments, because i was overwhelmed by the rush of intensity.

so yes, i got fucked up and watched a musical.

and it was awesome.

the end.


10 February 2009

aut viam inveniam aut faciam

once upon a time, there lived a girl on the music box steps whose charmed life had surely been kissed by the gods. and even though a friend to a fickle fortune, the girl could not help but look toward the other side of the fence, to find herself captivated by the vision of greener grass.

the end.


09 February 2009

system overload

i have reached, and perhaps surpassed, my ability to handle having a schedule this out of control. i'm done, taking a break, taking on no more, and stepping back from some of the things i've recklessly taken on.

no more campaigns (at least for a while), no more five dates a week crap, no more "sure i'll help you with your project" nonsense, no more thinking i can handle anything, at any rate, at any hour of the day or night. i'm fucking _done_ being a super hero, and ready to be a super lame-o for a while.

please be supportive and don't invite me to anything (unless it involves drinking stupid amounts of alcohol), don't ask me to help with projects or to get involved in campaigns or community service projects. and please don't set me up with your friends because honestly, as awesome as i am, they deserve better than someone who will find any and every reason to not like them enough.

the end.


08 February 2009

rain sucks

for one, it's totally ruining my pretty hair. for another, i'm cold. my pilot light is out so i have no heat. i have three op-ed pieces due today. but i'm cold, i can't think when i'm cold, and i can't write anything that makes sense when i can't think (as you may have noticed). therefore, because it's raining, i'm cold, my hair looks like shit, i can't think, and i am going to blow deadlines. oh, and i have a hangover, and i'm pretty sure it's making me even colder, even stupider, and even more prone to blowing deadlines.