26 February 2010

winning hearts

i'm in denver, spending the weekend on paris guy's turf. i've been a nervous wreck about this trip, and not because i'm on paris guy's turf (i mean, we've had three dates on either neutral ground or mine, and i've been super curious), but because i knew how big of a deal it is that schulz likes me.

it was pretty obvious from the get-go that we're going to get on just fine, schulz and me. and whilst he's clearly confused that i'm still here and appear to be going nowhere soon (i wish y'all could've seen the befuddled look on his sweet little face while i was relaxing in his dad's bathtub (the awesomest tub EVER)), it doesn't seem to suck for him. or me.

today, we went on a nice long walk (i even picked up poop!), played some fetch, cuddled a plenty, and even took a nice long nap together on the couch (i never knew how awesome it could be to have a sweet little schnauzer lying across my tummy with his head resting on my chest (the word "awwwwwwww" doesn't begin to cut it)).

i'm in heaven. dog heaven.


24 February 2010

a controlled camp

so, a coupla girlfriends and i are in the early stages (may be appropriate to use 'were' here) of planning a camping trip to the grand canyon for some weekend in april.

i was charged with the planning piece because, well, duh. and what i've learned in coordinating the details of this outing is that this is the one trip i should never be allowed to plan. if i'd just not really had any expectations (see dread), i would've gotten there, and felt my competitive drive set into gear, pushing me to survive and even have fun. and sure, i'd've bitched about everything, but i woulda done it in a cute, snarky, smart way that woulda made people laugh whilst promising themselves and each other they'd never again bring me along to camp.

but then, i found the the campsite page and i read about how cold it is in april, how there's no electricity, how "sleeping pads" are encouraged because the ground is sharp and hard. i mean, wtf is a sleeping pad? (oh, and that is definitely a rhetorical question, so please don't answer it). and did you notice that bit about "sharp and hard"?

and then last night. when undo button told me, in this sweet, concerned tone that, "people who don't enjoy camping are usually people who have to be in control," i knew i wasn't going camping.

and i'm equal parts relieved and bummed.


21 February 2010

the grasshopper generation

i'm fascinated by the generational divides that prevent more fluidity in adapting to a changing world. whether it's at the office, in politics, or just around town, the old guys with their old ideas and outdated ways of doing things are just in the way of progress.

and i'll bet they once said the same thing about their parents.

i mean, as it does, the world has changed. we are all connected by this little white window sitting in my lap right now, that allows me to communicate _by video chat_ with someone on the other side of the world, whenever i want. and we the world all depend on each other, on each other's monetary policy, political and social stability, and we all need each other to prop up our own security and prosperity.

in this new game called the real world, we are made up of diverse players working closely together, of men and women from every color, background, education, opinion, and corner of the world. yet, in this country (and most in the western world), we are primarily represented, at the highest levels of our government no less, by old white guys from a generation that consumed everything built by the "greatest generation" before them. they broke everything by over-consuming, over-using, and under-repairing. and now they want to cut taxes so's to encourage more of that vile over-consumption as the solution to the problems it caused.

maybe if you really think maintaining the [broken] status quo is the direction our country should be heading.

but the way i see it is that we can no longer survive in this ever-changing world by grasping on to foregone days and even more foregone ways. lest america prefer to find itself in a political, social, and economic situation that now qualifies a country as "developing". we're about to become out-developed by bigger and better thinkers, with brighter educations, newer and shinier tools and toys, and a vision toward the actual future that's happening. that is, if we don't annihilate ourselves with pollution, or just bludgeon ourselves to death with the iron club our middle eastern oil addiction has bequeathed our intrepid enemies first.

look, the debt situation in this country is truly frightening. we are selling our freedom to those who purchase our debt. and we will fix that later, just as we have in times before. but right now, we need to make sure we're going to be strong, healthy, and cohesive enough to succeed. we have to make sure we're still going to have a country to save, and a seat at the big player's table when it's time to focus our resources on bringing down the debt.

but i will be damned to next tuesday before i sit here and let the GOP blame democrats for this situation. after eight years of reckless and irresponsible fiscal policy, they might consider saying yes to something new, something that might actually work in a world they clearly no longer understand and are too frightened to accept. but one thing i can guarantee won't solve the problems is tax cuts.

so get over it. and let's rise up to the challenges we face, make america strong enough to survive within and prosper beyond these difficult times, and then set about tightening our belts and and ending our voracious and dangerous appetite for stuff.