30 April 2009

explaining the scratches

so i was worried how those scratches on my face would treat me this week. though it's certainly come up many times, it has gotten me laughs (i mean, me falling down the stairs is a funny story if told well), it got me a date (well, it got me asked on a date i'll never go on), and it thankfully didn't show up in my pictures with san francisco's good mayor.


26 April 2009

dicovering a broken rail

first off, i'm fine. (a) i'm tough, and (b) i think i bounce pretty well. but it was super freaky, it really hurt, and i hate that my face is covered in scratches (explaining it all week is also going to be fun (though i could blame it on the cat who kicked my ass yesterday morning...)). i'm scratched because it was thorny bushes i was reaching for to save my life. the good news is that i discovered that the rail on the stairwell from my deck to the recycling bin is broken.

but, uh, i can't believe i just fell down the stairs. though i'm thinking tumbling is a more apt description. either way, i'm pretty sure my life just flashed before my eyes a little bit. and i'm grateful i've got only some scratches, and probably a coupla bruises. almost as grateful as my poor battered little ego is that no one was around for the show...


back on the mbs

i can only recall one other time since i've lived on the music box steps that i've been as happy to be home as i am right now.

though i've only been gone five days, these have been an intense, exhausting, and emotionally challenging five. so much so, i feel like i've been gone a month. from work drama to a non-stop weekend of political shmoozing, i am one drained dame.

once i'm settled, more will follow on the california democratic convention...