29 July 2010

choo choo douchebags

i take the subway to work. i love taking the subway to work because i feel like i'm really living up the whole city life thing, and i love the metro etiquette i've found underground.

fer instance, when the train is coming in everyone lines up, and when it stops, the lines move to either side of the doors so that when the doors open, the folks getting off the train have free access onto the platform, then we waiters file on.

so today, i was lined up, the train stopped, and i moved a wee to the right to open up the platform to the exiting people, and some dickface cut in line in front of me (i assume everyone reading this knows me, but in the event you don't, i walk with a cane (long story)). after everyone had exited the train, and we started getting onto the car, said dickface proceeded to ready himself to take the only available seat on the train.

i was like, "excuse me, but do you think maybe i can have that seat?" when i looked around, everyone was staring at him with a "what a fucking douchebag" look on their faces. and boy weren't they right.


26 July 2010

the hidden pieces of new

i changed my blog layout for the first time (sans an experimental phase i went through when we first went live). i haven't been feeling the old scroll look lately. it just doesn't fit anymore. like so many things that made me me yesterday.

my life is so different today than it was three months ago. i know: duh. but it isn't just the general scenery change, it's that i feel lighter. like i guess one might feel when they finally escape a life that didn't fit anymore.

there will always be a special place for los angeles in my heart, but it's the last place on earth i'd want to be. and whilst i am going to love every single second of living in the district, explore her every inch, wander far from her beaten path, and savor the rich flavors of the neighborhood i now call home, this isn't where i belong either.

i belong in the middle of the country. them's my people, and that's where i want to spend my days as a bona-fide-ish grown up (i mean, some people are never _really_ meant to be "old"). i dunno if it's the timing, the people in my life, if it's because i've truly been granted an escape and with it a fresh start, or if it's all of the above, but i have never felt more at peace with where i am and where i'm going.