23 December 2009

being a friend

i have a friend with a very broken heart. and it's her first in a really long time, so it hurts more than she remembered. she needed me tonight, and though i'm so sorry she's the one going through this, i'm grateful to be able to be there for my friends the way they were for me when i was in that emotional wasteland.

tonight i helped with a some laughter, a little bit of love, and a lot of encouraging this scene of her ex-boyfriend's voodoo doll's cock being smashed into a cactus (a cactus gifted by said ex-b/f, no less):


and then, as she cried on my shoulder about how much missing him hurts, i suggested that she take 2010 to find the right cliff. and jump.

in response she cried out, "thank you. finally somebody understands how i feel."

turns out, we weren't talking about the same cliff. (kbd-l, maybe you were right about that metaphor.) oops.

but with all the laughing to go along with the tears, i'd say all's well that ended as well as it could. and life goes on. and gets better.


p.s. she's invited to the 'burn the decade' weenie roast.

20 December 2009

the end of an era

it wasn't until last night that i realized this decade ends in a few days. this dreadful decade of daft decadence is but a week and a half shy of its long overdue demise.

and i'm going to celebrate by burning my melancholy-laden mementos. pictures, postcards, love letters, wedding albums, and everything else that stood between being who and what i am right this second and all the wasted time (see heartbreak, disappointment, disillusionment, and self-destruction) in-between.

though 'twas in the wee shadows of this birthday past that i finally let go of the bondages of my past, its things are still around me. but next week, i will damn the decade of decadence to the fire-pit in u.b.'s backyard, where i will sit with a rocky bourbon in hand, watching my past singe, crumble, and disappear into its ashy graveyard.

and whilst i celebrate the end of my fore_gone_ era, i will welcome a new year, a new decade, and a new chapter in my life.