14 August 2009

the great purge

if i don't get a handle on my ocd, there will soon come a day that i come home to a house with nothing in it but my clothes and my bed.


13 August 2009

"where are you going?"

she asked.

a week ago, i was sure the answer was "the white house". it's evolved to: washington, dc, or some post-conflict country in need of government restructuring.

for the people who love me, i'm sorry for this evolution. fer reals. but for the hopeless adventurer in me (the one whose bucket list includes 'spending a year with no address'), i pray i end up in khartoum or nairobi, where maybe i can help a newly forming democracy get underway.

but the white house is still number one. it's just no longer the only egg in my basket.


11 August 2009

home sweet home

i wish what i wanted was in los angeles. this place is amazing, i love it here, and i haven't met the thing that beats walking out of lax. cuz no matter where i've been, it's not as beautiful as it is here.


09 August 2009

a melancholy memory lane

i had a fantabulous outing today with several old friends from high school. we spent the afternoon laughing, reminiscing, and having a grand walk down memory lane.

but now that i'm several hours this side of nostalgia-ville, i realized how much high school sucked, and how terrible i felt about myself, how uncomfortable i was in my own skin, and how tortured i felt by myself and everyone else.

yeah, i had some grand fun, but those were the worst four years of my life.

the end.


vampire bugs

my blood must taste delicious, because the so il mosquitos are eating me alive!