30 March 2012

the wild and winding road

holy crap! i haven't been on here in almost three months! i've thought lots about it, even came close to logging in a time or two, but there's so much to say, it's like...where to start...so i don't even bother.

i'm having a baby in a couple of weeks, feeling pretty good about it, feeling pretty good generally, and today i got this photo:

wow. it says a lot. about how happy i am. about how happy we are. and about how hot we are - even when my ass is the size of a mack truck. been some rough times, that's fer sure. but now that everything has settled into place, it's almost weird. sometimes i fer reals have to pinch myself because i can't believe this is my life. and more than that, i can't believe how much i love it. except for winter. i really fucking hate winter.

turns out, i'm getting my april with cherry blossoms in a different, even better package, and i'm thinking it works best to throw caution to the wind when making wishes.