13 July 2012

preposterous chutzpah

so, i'm pissed now.  33 times the house of ill repute has pushed through a bill they damn well know has absolutely no chance of getting anywhere.  this same mother fucking congress that, after firing up millions of bat-shit voters, went on and on and on about how they were going to focus everything on jobs, jobs, jobs.  and since those clowns have taken over the circus, the economy has slowed.  less jobs are being created, the unemployment rate is climbing again, and we're headed into yet another round of economic trials and tribulations...as europe tries to weather its storm. 

we are in dire straits here.  our economy and society are so far out of whack that we need serious, smart, mathy, wonky, _thinking_ people in government.  people who can work together to solve problems, re-invigorate industry, repair our schools and roads (even if that means telling unions who get in the way of progress to go fuck themselves), put some balance back into our economy, some harmony into our society, and try to strike some semblance of fairness.  our democracy exists when the people are represented by the people.  and that's not what we have right now.

america has become a land where the people are represented by the very few with a whole lot of dough (see oligarchy).  we are a land of morons, completely duped into clinging onto and fighting over nonsensical issues (see blow jobs, birth certificates, religious differences, whether climate change is happening, why a waiting period and background check to purchase a semi-automatic weapon is equivalent to tyranny) whilst policies and laws are being bought--at very high prices (see k street)--for the benefit of people of great wealth. and for what? job creation? bullshit. if mitt romney and his richy rich friends were investing their money back into america, there would be more jobs here. not only are they not investing it in america, they aren't even keeping it in this country.

why does mitt romney need to keep money in offshore accounts?  so he doesn't have to invest a small fraction of those dollars into america's coffers?  doesn't he already have a house with an elevator?  what the fuck else does that guy need?  would it really kill mitt to help support america's schools and repair and rebuild her roads?  or to help us get out of this ruinous financial black hole we find ourselves in right now?  the guy that doesn't even have pride enough in his country to share some of his wealth toward america's greatness now wants to be its leader. and people are actually considering voting for him...


12 July 2012

the shitshow on the hill

does anyone else remember john boehner crying about how his house of representatives was going to focus on getting america back to work?  "jobs, jobs, jobs, it's all we should be focusing on. not this frivolous nonsense our democratic colleagues have been working on the past two years".  (i paraphrase).  what a bunch of bullshit.

how many times has boner's precious house voted to repeal the affordable care act?  let's see...33.  33 fucking times, when they damn well know that bill will get nowhere.  even if it were to miraculously get through the senate, there's no way in hades president obama is _EVER_ going to sign away his signature piece of legislation, legislation that has been appropriately passed and whose legality has been confirmed by a conservative supreme court.

we can argue about the merits of the bill till the cows come home (i, personally, am in favor of something far more liberal but would've happily settled for the public option i didn't get for the sake of lame compromise), but the law is here and it's here to stay.  the mandate, whether a tax or not, is the only way the very popular provisions (pre-existing conditions coverage, parental coverage till 26, subsidies for lower-income families, insurance exchanges, etc.) can exist.  the mandate--i might remind y'all--was a republican idea, one that embraces its "personal responsibility" mantra, so i don't understand why in the eff it's all of a sudden a shining example of the socialist government take-over (oh wait, yes i do, it's because president obama signed it into law).

my point of all of this being...that the republican-controlled house of representatives seems to care more about wasting taxpayer time and money on frivolous and vindictive actions than on getting america back to work.  i hope this great effort results in all of their asses being kicked the fuck to the curb this november.


p.s. i created one job this month...which is one more than mitt romney.  yay me.