18 July 2010

the oddities of dog

miss scarlet is the first dog i've ever had, so i'm new to everything "dog". which is probably the primary reason i find her so utterly fascinating.

i returned from a long bout of errand running this morning with a small bone for the little miss (her first non-nylabone), and she has been 100% occupied since the hand-off. when she finished her first round of bone-gnawing, she put its remains in her mouth and ran all over the apartment whining whilst seemingly looking for a place to bury the thing.

unsatisfied with her ability to bury her bone deep into the cushions of the couch, she proceeded to scope out her crate, the bottom of her toy box, and seemed to've found a winner of a spot underneath my reformer, way back towards the wall - away from everyone (everyone being me).

out she crawled, no bone in her mouth. ran around to the other side of the couch, jumped up onto the back of the couch and peered down into the nooks of the reformer (the high view, if you will), and then jumped off the couch, ran back around to the front of the reformer, crawled underneath and into her hide-a-bone spot, retrieved said bone, and is back to chewing underneath the coffee table.