26 August 2010

hating days

i rarely write about the day job because i don't think it's terribly appropriate (even though i'll never mention where i work, who i work for, and will be super pissed if any of my readers spill those beans), and in the grand scheme of things, my day job doesn't play a giant role in how i define myself as a person and my satisfaction in life.

at least it didn't until recently. because recently, my day job has become the biggest, most frustrating, time-consuming, and annoying pain in my ass. it takes almost all of my time and energy, and for the first time in my life i'm working _way_ harder than i'm being paid (up till now, the pay has been pretty equal to the output).

and for the first time in my life as a working girl, i don't know how much longer i can keep up this pace... and i can't seem to catch a break no matter what i do.

fer instance, last night i went to bed at a very healthy (and unusual) 10:30. wowsers you say. wowsers i agree. and then about 1 am or so, the fire alarm went off in my building. now, i'm not talking about that little pussy smoke detector you've got hanging over the door in your bedroom. i'm talking about this kinda fire alarm (sans the british accent). over and over and over again. so when i'd rather've been soundly sleeping away the stress i'm under, i had to pack up my dog and walk down to the street, where we hung out with the other pissed off tenants and the fire department till we got the all clear to go back to bed. after which, the alarm continued to do that shit all night...

fast forward to today. despite that i'm busy as fuck with a million other things, and even though i'm exhausted after the night's shenanigans, i was able to complete a project i've been working on for weeks. and as soon as i scratched it off my to-do list and leaned back with a giant sigh of relief, an email came through with a big giant OOPS, not an oops that's my fault or anything, but one that will likely require a complete do over of the entire fucking thing. and if there's one thing that pisses me off more than anything else, it's a do-over.

thank goodness i keep whiskey in my desk drawer. and thank goodness i have a door i can close and an office window i can dream about jumping out of...


22 August 2010

twas the perfect sunday till...

when i got out of bed this morning, i knew i'd spend much of today thinking and writing. for the first time in weeks, i feel rested. i awoke happy that my puppy let me sleep till almost noon, that i found a most lovely letter from my love, and i was super stoked to take apart both of my newspapers whilst my coffee brewed and i fired up the tele for this morning's meet the press.

what i didn't think i'd be writing about was my great disappointment with the american people. i've long and often ranted about the morons out there with voting pens, those dingalong followers who hang onto every insipid lie-of-a-word spoken by the fear-mongering right, who cannot utilize a single brain cell to think rationally through their feelings of terror and their fear of terrorists. but after making it through my favorite section of the ny times, and not knowing whether to post frank's column, maureen's, tom's, or shockingly nick's, i'm here to write my own about the burlington-coat-factory-community-center that's got the fear mongers and their herd of dipshits in an uproar.

it's all we've heard about all week, right? i mean, how many people saw general patraeus on meet the press last sunday, or listened to him in any number of the other mediums he's visited this past week to try to sell his cause in afghanistan to a weary america? i'd say a much smaller percentage than saw and heard all the nonsense about the "9/11 mosque" (such bullshit that description is!). funny how, and this is all frank rich, the same hawks who beg and scream for patience with the afghanistan war are the same ones comparing muslims to nazis: the irony being that they want us to fight a war and build a nation for those they label nazis at home. frank rich calls it "putting politics over country".

i call it fucking deceitful (which might be one of the biggest reasons he has a column in the ny times and i'm over here at blogger (the other being that i also like to write about my dog, life in the district, and all the other mundane "nonsense" that drives some of my readers to the brink of insanity)). and to what end? i'm clearly not the only person who recognizes that muslims around the world are watching this debate, with visions of sugary terrorist recruitment dancing in their heads.

or as maureen dowd poignently pointed out, using charles mackay quotes in her column today, "of all the offspring of time, Error is the most ancient, and is so old and familiar an acquaintance, that Truth, when discovered, comes upon most of us like an intruder, and meets the intruder's welcome... a misdirected zeal in matters of religion befogs the Truth most egregiously."

so why i ask - myself, all of you, and the entirety of the world, is it that a respected "news organization" (not respected by me as the case may be), with billions of dollars in its coffers and millions of dedicated followers can so fervently, and without even the slightest hesitation in decency, flaunt error with such zeal to so egregiously befog the truth, to the detriment of not just democrats in upcoming elections, but the safety, security, and health of americans at home and those sacrificing their lives for "nazis - afghans i mean -" abroad?

and can we really wonder why it is that i'd rather think about and write about chicken bones, bluto, my dog, and my love?

i think not.