26 June 2010

at home in the district

i'm not giving up on the hope that i'll be able to pirate a connection tonight. it feels like i haven't been online in weeks, that i haven't read a newspaper in months, and that i'm farther out of any loop than i've ever been.

but i'm home. i've hung my hat and scarlet her leash on u street. and even though our stuff doesn't get here until the second week in july, i am so happy to be _home_, i don't even care that we're on folding chairs and air mattresses for a coupla weeks. and out of the car...

the road trip kicked ass! we left the left coast, crossed hoover dam, spent a coupla days at the grand canyon, visited the eisenhower and truman libraries, saw friends, visited the family, and did most of it on two-lane backcountry highways, traveling through 15 states, and finally landing last night in the district of columbia. bitches, we saw and loved america!

and here we are at home, a new music box steps on a new street in a new town...