30 November 2011

dreaming baby

i am 20 weeks and 2 days into my pregnancy. i am starting to feel her move around, my belly is getting really big, and as we inch nearer and nearer her arrival, it all gets more and more real.

as do the dreams... these last few nights, i've had long, crazy, wonderful dreams about my baby girl. it's so nice to see what she looks like, feel her in my arms, smell her luscious baby scent, and remember it all long after i've awakened to those super annoying night-time leg and hip cramps. my dreams are my favorite part so far, with the big belly in a close second.

only 19 weeks and 5 days to go...


29 November 2011

what and when happened?

i've been reading some random old blog posts, and discovered something most unusual. it seems that my tales, tone, terms, and syntax were much more flavorful when i lived in los angeles.

is it because i now suffer irreparably by this horrendously inhumane seasons thing? is it because i'm old and my life has become boring? or is it because i live in a time and place where adventures don't just fall into my lap as they once did? and is any of this fixable or is it my fate to be boring and old?