11 April 2009

knowing what to do

i've gone through waves of certainty and then uncertainty in my quest to figure out where i belong for my next chapter. la or dc?

la is home. i love it here. and it's no secret that i like my life just as it is.

but when someone from the white house office of presidential personnel contacted me last week to find out if i'm still interested in working for the administration, i paused. i freaked out a little bit (i mean, that's fucking amazing!!!!!!!), and when i got past my ego's tribute to itself, i asked myself and all my friends (and i'd love your thoughts as well) what it is i'm supposed to do.

on the one hand, it doesn't mean anything that someone contacted me to find out if i'm still interested. maybe the white house is reaching out to everyone with a change.gov file. but it makes me stop and think about what's next for me.

and i think i've got to stay put. i've got a great life here, amazing friends, a great political team, i'm getting involved in another tough but right campaign, and i really feel like i have more to offer los angeles and california, than i do the country. at least for now...


gavin for gov

i can't help it. gavin newsom makes it impossible not to support him for governor of california.

i heard him for the second time tonight (and i loved how when he saw me he said, "oh no, not again" because of the impression i left last time we met - hehe!), and i love his passion, innovative strategic thinking, and his anger with the status quo (i mean, the guy went off on detroit, and mirrored my own furious sentiments). and even though he has invited some drama and controversy into his life, at times, he is getting things done politically (e.g. universal health care in san francisco).

he is smart, progressive, has a good sense of humor, seems open to the idea that we make mistakes and learn from them, and he has an aggressive plan for getting things done in a state that needs some real leadership. and i like him for the job, and i'm pretty sure i'd like to help him get things done.

what i don't like is wilshire boulevard. will someone please fix a fucking pothole already?


09 April 2009

bat shits in foreign policy

tonight i went to the central library (which totally wow'd me, by the way. i mean, i'd never been in the library except as a shortcut to the bar at the standard. who knew it was so neato in there?) for a lecture on "how common sense can rescue american foreign policy". the speaker was this old articulate dude, smart as a whip, and had us eating out of the palm of his hand with his knowledge of history, foreign policy, and common sense.

except for one of us. we'll call him "crazy matrix dude".

so, the awesome old dude was talking about he believes iran will be america's greatest ally in the middle east within five years (fascinating, right?). to support his theory, he talked about iran's strong middle class, and about how they reacted to our 9/11 by mourning for and with us, while the rest of the middle east cheered in the streets.

and then crazy matrix dude yelled out of turn that 9/11 was an inside job. and he wouldn't let it go. and the library staff had to call security. awesome that people actually believe that crap and feel confident enough to bring it up in public, with an expert, in a room full of intellectuals.

and in addition to being bat shit crazy, he looked like the son of the unabomber. needless to say, we steered way clear of crazy matrix dude by bailing on the chance to meet old awesome dude...


07 April 2009

dummy day

the day started off on a most pleasant note when i closed my locked front door sans my keys. and i had to wait to be rescued. for the second time in a month.

it is ending with me trying to stop myself from bleeding to death. i tried to wash dishes, and my cheese knife attacked me.

tomorrow, no retard sandwiches.


05 April 2009


it's so funny (it's actually not funny. it's more like annoying. frustrating. infuriating as hell, even) being on this side of january 20th.

for eight long years, i rolled my eyes every time dubya opened his mouth. i thought (and i still think) he is the biggest moron on earth. i stomped my feet, threw a bazillion tantrums inside my own head, as well as a few for the outside world, and screamed in horror at the choices he made, the wars he started, the complete and absolute destruction of our country, our honor, and our reputation around the world with his arrogant brandishing of american exceptionalism. see, i still let dubya spin me into a fury with his idiocy (and americans for electing his dumb ass twice, well, at least once, and _after_ we knew what a disaster he was).

and oh my gawd, the imbecilic warnings that we should wait for history to judge dubya's performance. that history will remember his great legacy as turning the page in the quest for middle eastern peace and democracy. it still makes me throw up a little in my mouth.

and now to hear, from the same dummies who've pleaded to wait and see what happens, nothing but, "obama = fail". and whyzat? because he didn't get exactly what he wanted out of the g20 summit, a couple of days ago.

dudes, he's been president for a little over two months. the entire world has spat at america for at least seven years (i mean, they spent probably a year mourning with and for us, after our country was brutally attacked) after the tyrannical non-leadership of cowboy and co. it's going to take president obama more than one trip, amidst a world befallen ecomonic ruination, to regain the trust and approval of the rest of the world. i mean, we don't get to go tell 19 european countries that we're back, ready, and in charge of leading the world away from the brink of disaster, after we have shunned and ridiculed them for eight years, while leading them into this calamitous ecomonic freefall (or complete ruination as evidenced by some newer democracies in eastern europe falling to the opposition).

and now you call president obama a failure. your hypocricy knows no bounds, you look like fools, and with each passing day, you seem further and further out of touch with the reality of the catastrophe your inept governance bequeathed to our country. thanks. and to add insult to injury, you accept no responsibility, you say nothing but "no", you offer no solutions, and do nothing but build blocks in the road to recovery.

you failed. your deregulation failed. your wars failed. your american exceptionalism failed. you failed america, and with it you failed the world.

so to you, i have one thing to say.

shut the fuck up.