10 December 2009


i have been traveling now for almost a month, and i'm about to drop. i'm having a blast, i've been having a blast, and i will keep having a blast. two more days is all i have to get through.

i think i can. i think i can. i think i can...


08 December 2009

our unlikely story

in honor of my geekiness, i'm well into my next presidential biography, John Adams. and i have to say, it is a work of historical art as masterfully written by David McCullough as my beloved Truman.

though i'm but a quarter into this magnificent read, i am shaken to my core in knowing this story's unlikely outcome.

the odds were stacked so highly against us. we were but a band of rebels in a merciless land, with no military experience, no weapons, no numbers to match that of the renowned and successful british armada. we were doomed to fail, but for a good bit of good fortune, a fate most certainly written in the stars, and those men and women who had the courage, passion, and unyielding conviction to put their lives on the line for their cause. for our cause. for the american cause.

if more americans today were as wedded to the american cause, ours might not be as stricken with ambivalence and apathy, and a fruitless fight for the sake of nothing more than the acts of the contrary.

but i am a believer, and i believe with all my heart that america is still that ideal our forefathers believed so deeply that they were willing to sacrifice their everything. and because i have hope, because i believe that, "in the unlikely story that is america, there is nothing false about hope," onward i march in furtherance of and toward that ideal. that american cause.