24 April 2009

to feel or not to feel... sorry for me

reasons to feel sorry for me:

1) i'm in sacramento
2) my cell phone won't charge
3) i took a _huge_ pay cut this week
4) i traveled to four offices, in four cities, in two days to ask people i work with to take a pay cut
5) those people were mean to me

reasons to not feel sorry for me:

1) i'm in sacramento for the california democratic convention!
2) my cell phone is off
3) i now have a 4-day work week
4) i have been in four cities in the past two days
5) i got to see some asshole get kicked off a train today and it was _awesome_!

see, there's always a bright side


21 April 2009

gavin's gonna run

yay! i have a new campaign project! gavin newsom announced this morning that he's running for governor. and it's not that i really doubted he was going to run, but now that it's official, i can feel things heating up. and it's because i really like gavin newsom.

yes, he's had some growing pains (he had an affair with his campaign manager's wife (oops)) and he's made mistakes, but he's got a great energy policy, he's committed to health care reform (universal health care laws passed in san francisco), he's got innovative ideas for education reform, and he fights for marriage equality (and may deserve some credit for things progressing as they have these past few years). plus, he's a normal guy (with really great hair), he had a fairly normally difficult life as a kid of divorced parents. he paid for college for student loans, and started out in a typical new-grad medicore job.

all that talk about him being a rich kid isn't entirely true. his family may've had connections to the getty family, which did add some benefit, but it's not like the getty's passed around sacks of cash to their less fortunate friends. the getty family later invested in all of gavin's businesses, but let's give the mayor _some_ credit for having the good sense to make the right connections and the good fortune to possess a pretty solid business savvy. i mean, one of his ventures is 'plump jack' and that winery pumps out one helluva cab.

and on top of all that, he's got his heart in the right place, has a good vision for returning california to her rightful place as the greatest, most golden, and most innovative state in the world, and i share that vision. and that passion. everything else will come together because of the greater 'us'.

i think he'll be good for california because, though he's no obama, he has the ability to respark that fire those of us new to politics found burning inside of us. we want better and we're willing to fight for it. and from what i can tell, we're on the winning side as we turn the next page in this unlikely story of america.

gavin's my guy, this one's my fight, and i hope to see you at my fundraiser next tuesday night at Boulevard 3 in hollywood, http://www.actblue.com/page/ypgrassrootsla428?refcode=jackellenherbashlaine

or in sacramento this weekend...


20 April 2009

bizzy bizzy

i really hate it when i'm too busy to blog. it makes me feel like there's a backlog of bullshit in my brain's way...