03 July 2009

a fancy flight

i'm sitting on my deck. it's hot, but there's just enough of a nip in the breeze to call it perfection. it's pretty peaceful, save the wind blowing through the trees and the occasional helicopter buzzing about (which does annoy), and y'all who've been here know that i love my hilly view more than any other i know. on a day such as this, it's the perfect writer's nook. and my muse is on fire today.

i took a little break because a hummingbird popped in. she checked in to sip from a flower, just a wee meter to my right. she took her drink, then floated directly in front of me. she was a tiny thing, but i swear to you, i thought she was staring me in the eye. she's gone now, but it was kinda awesome.


02 July 2009


i just don't understand.

the end.


30 June 2009

my summer teen

she's been here a week. i can't believe she's been here a week, and this is the first time i'm writing about her. or this whole experience. and i'm probably only writing about it now because one of my friends mentioned it.

she's kind of great, actually. she's super happy to be here, is a gracious guest (keeps things tidy, washes dishes, eats whatever whenever), and keeps a lot to herself. i asked her the other day if i was paying enough attention to her, because i don't know what the hell i'm doing. i mean, i want to be here for her, be a friend and confidante, but i don't want to smother her, while at the same time giving her just enough rope to make it up the hill or hang herself.

tonight she went on a date (and he's sooooo adorable (my new rule is that i have to meet her LA friends before she can go (and i have his phone number too))). before she left, i asked her if she had a curfew at home.

"not really", she said.

"well you're going to have one here." cuz heeellllooo... i told her she needed to be home before i went to bed, and asked her what time she thought was a reasonable curfew.

"10-ish", she answered.

i beamed with pride.


29 June 2009

yay my cliff

i was reminded tonight (for the second time of late) that i've been itching to jump off a cliff all year. and it would seem that i've finally found the cliff i want to fall from...

and look out world, because i am on fire, and i am going to kick some ass!


28 June 2009

the taxi driver

my friends and i shared a major asshole moment today.

when we left the beach, there was a taxi in the intersection, kind of in our way, and its driver was looking around all clueless and out of sorts. he was trying to make a left turn in the most impossible place imaginable. and all he wanted was a break.

a break he wasn't going to get from us. we were five girls in a bmw. he tried to move his car in front of us, but dudes, seriously, if we got behind that guy trying to make a left, we'd still be sitting there, honking for him to get out of our way. so we went around his left and then cut a right in front of him.

he was so confused, and while one of us was trying to be helpful and offer him some friendly driving advice (like duh, make a right and flip a bitch a block up the road), the rest of us laughed hysterically at his ineptitude. that guy was so pissed off (see picture), i bet he still hasn't cooled off.

and instead of feeling bad, i still can't stop laughing.


summer days

i spent today at the beach with a half dozen of my nearest and dearest (and i do love you guys!). it was amazing. in spite of the low hanging marine layer, it was just hot enough (though i am really looking forward to the sizzling hot days at the beach this summer has yet to deliver), with just enough of a nip in the breeze. and all these hours later, i can still smell the beach on my skin and the ocean air in my hair.

it really is beautiful here.