21 February 2008

street cleaning day

today is my third day of unemployment. it was street cleaning day so i had to set the alarm for 11 as opposed to noon, to move my car to the other side of the street. i also posted an advertisement to sublet my apartment. i have to keep reminding myself to breathe...

i'm trying to work on a plan. key word, "trying". i keep doing things to push myself forward. i'm taking steps, one at a time, without any real vision. there are glimpses of things that could happen, things i hope happen. but i'm also hoping someone will tell me what to do, where to go, or that it'll just happen because it has to, because otherwise i'm going to s.o.l. when my subletter shows up to move in.

calls about real jobs, meetings with campaign people, politics always on, emails with friends so i can figure out where and when i have places to stay throughout the country, stumbling about with trying to let fate decide about my apartment, and so much writing, reflecting, thinking, loving myself. this is how i spend my days and nights.

i'm scared, but hopeful. i'm lost but happy...

20 February 2008

please tell me it's okay to leave big law for team obama

Please tell me it's okay to quit my law firm job and join the obama campaign without having any idea what i'm doing with my life - because that's what i just did.

I am fairly new to politics, am in my early 30’s, well educated, and have always felt pretty comfy with my own status quo. But a few weeks ago (a few days shy of super Tuesday), I woke up inspired that the time for change has come. Two days later, I gave notice to big law firm, and sent out a mass email to get me to someone inside camp obama to tell me what to do, where to go, and where my talents and efforts can be best utilized.

today is day two of not having a day job. I’m still trying to figure out where/how to best help with obama’s campaign (if you know, please tell me). Tonight I’m meeting with someone to discuss managing a local los angeles-area obama office. I mean, come on, staying here would be so much easier. I could look for a day job, I could pay lots of attention to what’s going on in the news, blog a bit, I could have plenty of “me” time.

But I’ve got something inside telling me that I really just need to sublet my (fabulous hillside with views) apartment for a few months, pack my car, and start driving toward ohio or texas or wherever. Something feels so right about jumping into the fray with reckless abandon and an unwavering belief in hope. Something tells me that it’s not just obama’s time for change. It’s all of our time for change. And something tells me i owe it to obama, to America, to the world, and mostly to myself to take the uncertain road and see where it leads me.

What do y’all think? Stay in l.a. or hike the campaign trail? What do I do? Where do I go?

19 February 2008

my second day of unemployment

i was writing till 4am so it only seems natural that i would need an alarm to wake me by noon, right? i'm also wondering if productivity is measured by my enthusiasm for leaving my apartment (i am not looking forward to motivating out of my pajamas today but fear that failure to do so will lead me into some downward spiral of depression and doom)... like i maybe need to do "something" every single day (even if it is cold, rainy, and uninviting outside)

it's only my second day of unemployment (first if we count the president's day holiday yesterday) and i am trying to define rules and regulations. it's only my second day of unemployment and i got a call from big law today for an interview. it's only my second day of unemployment and i'm really scared to allow myself to enjoy this too much or - gasp - i may never want to go back to the world of the gainfully employed (though i really do want to be able to afford to keep my apartment).

but it's only my second day of unemployment. i'm allowed to enjoy some of this, right?

oh, and obama won two more states yesterday (for a whopping 10 in a row). yay!