15 June 2012

the mohawk

yeah, my baby has a mohawk...i feel very strongly that anyone capable of looking good in a mohawk owes it to the world to wear it proudly.  and bella does.

if you don't like it, get your own baby and give her boring hair.


13 June 2012

getting back to me

it has occurred to me, more often than not, that i really should be blogging about this whole mommy thing.  on top of that, there's an election coming up.  i should have lots to say about a lot.  and i will. for now, i'm just here to dip my foot back in the water...

today has been a break day.  bella is at baby school, and i've been trying to get caught up on a few things.  my plan was to spend the morning in the pool--ignoring all the things i need to get caught up on, but construction dudes were working in the basement and there's no way this fat ass is going anywhere near mixed company in a bathing suit.

so i did some catching up (bills, emails, returning calls sortsa stuff), went to the dentist (my least favorite place on the planet), read the rantings of some ugly, angry lady who hates disney princesses, american girl, and the color pink.  and because my baby isn't here, i took a long shower and _washed my hair_.

heaven has a whole new look these days.  in more ways than one...

more to come.