21 May 2009


sometimes the volume of mail passing through my computer(s) is too overwhelming for words.

like now :(


19 May 2009


i went to a lecture tonight on the difference between a necessary war and a war of choice. the highlight of the lecture for me was during the q&a (usually the most painful part). this dude in the audience asked the speaker, 'who had the most influence over president bush 43?'

i laughed out loud. because, duh, jesus.


18 May 2009

the white house

i mean, do "they" not understand what it's like to get a call from them a wee before 8pm their time? like, when i call them back with their 'super secret, don't share this number' digits and no one answers, and i get kicked into a voice mail that doesn't accept messages, don't they know my ego won't let me sleep tonight?

and you and i both know this is the one arena where my ego controls me. white house job = elated ego. elated ego = winner. white house job = winner.

the end.


p.s. happy birthday dad!

17 May 2009


la's been my home for twelve years, and an expectation that the ground sometimes moves is part of the deal. and while it's always a little bit freaky, i found tonight that it's scariest when i'm home alone...