01 October 2009

fantastically ferrying

i am in san francisco, my other favorite city, and this week proves that mine is a very charmed life.

cuz, well, i am working here, and it's much like it is when i'm working in dc. i feel like i'm part of the city, the hustle and bustle, and the general ambiance that gives it the character and culture that makes it so beautiful.

this time is especially amazing in large part because, for the past two days, i've been commuting by ferry from sausalito. i've been waking up to a sun rising over san francisco and its bay bridge, then boarding a ferry that rides the waves of the bay to the ferry building, a few blocks from my office. the evening trip, btw, is unbelievable. on the ride back to sausalito, the sun sets behind and beneath the golden gate bridge, and it really is breathtaking.

the best part is that i know where i am, what i'm doing, and where i'm going in a city other than my own. all of which makes me feel like the awesomest person EVER!

the end.


27 September 2009

frank rich

is my hero. and i really hate it when he's on vacation, because the sunday times just isn't the same without him.

obama at the precipice