06 August 2010

the irony of time

i just saw a commercial referencing "back to school," and can't get my arms around the fact that summer is nearly over, any more than i can that zip's wedding wasn't a year ago. i mean, 6 june was only two months ago, even though it feels like it was 12. kinda like the fact that monday was five days ago, when feels a month and a day ago.

and it's not just the immediacy of time that feels so ironic. maybe it's just natural to wake up one day to find it all blending together: yesterday, today, and tomorrow. maybe it's normal to count every second in one direction with such focus that the ones the other way no longer add up. or maybe it's time's ultimate riddle to always be on the other side of fair.


02 August 2010

chicken bones

when i see chicken bones strewn all about the street, there's this picture of bluto in my mind. you know the guy, popeye's nemesis. a big, fat, really mean man with a mean laugh. i picture him with a KFC bucket in his hand, inhaling one chicken leg after the other, and haphazardly tossing the bones wherever they may land.

which is where they were five seconds before my dog got them into her mouth. sometimes i even have to go in and dig deep into her throat to pull them out. and. i. just. don't. understand.

well i didn't understand. not till a coupla weeks ago, when i saw bluto's twin on the corner, wearing the biggest size emergency vest the wmata makes, with his arm cuddling an entire bucket 'o chicken. i didn't stick around long enough to see if he took bites or just stuck the meaty end of the chicken leg into his mouth and gnawed off all the meat in a single gulp, but i've stuck around the neighborhood long enough to see that bluto has a dozen twins on u street...