03 August 2011

loathing compromise

reasonableness in the american debate is clearly on hiatus. i can't even wrap my mind around how it is that people seem so tied to ideology that the real world bears no consideration. no matter the subject. every issue, every decision, every attempt at action is blocked by a mad mob and fought with the blood of vengeance. and these are the fucking morons running our country, so consumed with, by, and for political gain, they've brought plague to our land.

and i know you think i'm talking about those dipshitty teabaggers, but it's not just on the right. i see that shit on the left too. people who post to facebook, "obama called today to ask for money, but i don't support republicans". so, let me get this straight: that self-proclaimed liberal would rather risk the chance that the likes of michele bachmann, or any of the other looney tunesy GOP presidential candidates, become serious contenders. wtf!? the most ironic thing about "obama the republican" is that the fringe (and some of the not-so-fringe) on the right call the same president a socialist.

so he's a republican to one party and a socialist to the other. huh. how is either extreme any less out of touch with reality?

don't we all live in a world where compromise is a part of life? in my own life, for instance, i want to wear jeans and t-shirts to work every day. but i also want the perks and pay of corporate america. so i compromise to their dress code. sometimes i watch dumb shows i don't want to watch so my husband (heh, i said husband) will watch my dumb shows with me. every day i go out into the world requires a number of compromises because common courtesy, success, and society demands decorum, and i'm not by nature the prim and proper type. if such is life, how did compromise become such an anathema in the american political debate?

the liberals are pissed that the president even brought up cuts to medicare and social security. why? their social security and medicare benefits are locked in. i don't understand how a bunch of grasshoppers are fighting over a benefit that's mine. social security and medicare as they exist today will never survive in tact for me. so why don't you grasshoppers sit your old asses (and yeah, i'm talking to you harry reid) down and let _us_ decide how to restructure social security and medicare, and while we're at it, we'll go ahead and figure out how we are going to prosper in this world you no longer recognize or understand. i've no doubt we'll fuck up a bit along the way, but i don't see how we could come anywhere near the calamity that's befallen us since y'all took over.

and the tea-baggers, well, they are morons. they are so tied to their "no new taxes" credo that it seems to warp their ability to comprehend that paying taxes is part of the greatest compromise of all - society. even considering letting america default on its obligations (obligations that very body of government incurred legally) is reckless and juvenile. to me, it shows a shocking disregard for our (see the future) fates in america. i have never been more ashamed of our government or felt so deserving of the world's laughing stock.

we are failing to address what ails this country. we can't develop a meaningful strategy because we aren't paying attention to history and facts. we aren't adapting to living in a different kind of world. we aren't having a serious debate. we aren't paying attention to each other. we are letting the fringes cause a ruckus and write the public narrative, to the detriment of america. to the detriment of our country, our future, our prosperity and the magic that makes us the envy of the world.


"our society is run by insane people for insane objectives.... i think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends ... and i think i’m liable to be put away as insane for expressing that. that’s what’s insane about it."
John Lennon, Interview BBC-TV (June 22, 1968)