01 August 2009

another fortunate sign

a few days back, i wrote a post about a fortune because i was so stoked with the message "you will step on the soil of many countries".

i got the same fortune in a cookie yesterday (at a chinese place downtown). i'm pretty sure i've never had the same fortune twice in all my life, much less twice in the same week.

wanna try to tell me that the universe and i aren't conspiring for and with one another?


a recharge

i slept till noon today, even though i retired not long after a drawn out (and awesome!) dinner last night. i had a night full of calming and restful dreams, i'm still sitting in my nightgown, and i'm not hungover like my pals who leapt into the night after feasting. today rules!


29 July 2009

sleeping on the campaign

i fell asleep thinking about california politics. and woke up thinking about california politics. and about mayor newsom in particular.

look, eric jaye perhaps wasn't the right guy to lead team newsom. he put all of his energy and focus into tweeting his way to the governor's mansion, and let's be real, as cool as social networking is, and as many bridges as it can build, it doesn't win campaigns.

and for jaye to lay claim to the belief that obama won because he was able to exploit facebook is absurd. and it's even more absurd if he thought that would win a california race without getting his hands dirty building a ground swell at the grassroots level.

i get that newsom is fumbling for a winning strategy in a new age of campaigns. and i don't fault him for looking in a new direction when his coffers are far short of his yet undeclared but incredibly popular and well-known opponent.

but if newsom's long term vision in hiring garry south is to win by resorting to dirty politics, name calling, and character defiling, he will lose. lest we forget, our good mayor isn't exactly the pinnacle of moral authority. and beating up the old guy who has been good for california, time and again, is not going to score gavin newsom too many points amongst the baby boomers who are most likely to get out to vote come primary season next june.

and maybe i'm not giving garry south enough credit. maybe he too sees the advantage of a ground-up campaign and will work with the field team to build a win. but then again, where's he been since gray davis moved into the governor's mansion? sharpening his knives in the great unknown? learning new tricks of the trade? resting up while waiting for the for the perfect candidate to call him to duty?

i don't know. but i'm not exactly optimistic about the campaign's latest strategic acquisition. that's fer sure.


28 July 2009

a campaign shake up

it seems that the obama-esque 'staying above the fray' campaign is being cast aside by newsom and co. and on minor reflection, maybe gavin ain't the kinda guy to play that game anyway.

his campaign manager, and long-time strategist and friend, eric jaye, resigned today because of a "fundamental difference in how to run the campaign". he has since been replaced by the attack shark garry south, who seems to be the kinda guy who'll stoop to any low to get his man elected. as if a clash of titan egos with knives is what california needs right now. though i will hold final judgment until i get a good look at the rhetoric and grassroots and media outreach of the new management, i have a bad feeling that i'm about to have no one to support in the gubernatorial race of my dysfunctional state.

and if it comes down to one candidate being less of a douchebag than the other, i'm done with california.


to woo a cat

i want-ish a cat. what i mean by that is that i want a neighborhood stray to meow at my door a few times a day, eat, do a cuddle bit, and then carry on with his day. i've gone so far as to go to rescue shelters to see if i clicked with any felines, but in the end, i want a stray to be my friend.

a coupla weeks ago, i went to target and bought a shit-ton of cat food (my summer kid has had a field day making fun of me for buying so much cat food when i don't have a cat), because the master plan is to woo a cat with food.

it's working.

the same little guy is on my stoop when i wake up and go to bed. he cuddles for a few minutes, though he is super skiddish, he'll eat, venture into my apartment, snoop around a bit, and then he's off. till the next time he stops by.

he's interesting, my little nameless friend. he has other cat friends that he lets eat out of his bowl. and the last coupla days, i've seen him trying to decide between coming inside to hang out with me, or to run off to play with his little kitty friends. sometimes, when my door is wide open, i see the other cats peering in, as if they are doing a catground check to make sure i'm good enough for their furry friend.

i suspect that if it comes down to a choice, my guy is going to pick me over his feline friends, because i'm pretty reliable, have an endless supply of food, and come on, let's be real, who wouldn't love to hear first thing in the morning from me, 'hey there my little sunshine'. i mean, the dude starts purring as soon as the words come outta my mouth.

i honestly don't know which of us likes the other more. at least not yet.


26 July 2009

a sweet fortune

there's this little vietnamese place down the music box steps and across the street that i just love. 'tis one of my most fave places in all of los angeles. tonight, with the special luck brought my outta town guests, i got the best fortune ever (and yes, it's beyond wrong that a vietnamese cafe is passing out fortune cookies):

'your feet will touch the soil of many countries'.

it's nice to know that he who hath the steerage of my course has directed my sail in the same direction i wish it be set.