05 March 2009

dear austrian economists

you advocate laissez faire economics. you are screaming and crying and applauding rush limbaugh for claiming that barack obama is ruining america (sorry to burst your bubble, guys, but obama is too late), because he's pumping government money and regulation into the institutions now bringing down your precious free market.

the problem with your economic theory is that it assumes benevolence. it forgets that markets (even those controlled by themselves) contain a human element. and i think those rich, greedy fucks on wall street have already proven that there is little to no honor when there's a buck up for grabs.

it kinda reminds me of what the wickedness of man has done to that brilliant utopia carl marx once wrote about.

so long as human beings have a hand in the market and the government, things like laissez faire and communism will never be anything more than great ideas inimical to reality.


02 March 2009

endorsements from the music box steps

tomorrow is election day in los angeles, and there are some hot seats up for grabs. i've been watching and listening, and reading up on the goings on. and lots is going on.

i'm going to start with Greg Akili (check it out, standard caps ;)). "akili" was an rfd during the obama campaign here in socal. like many of us, part of his gig was camp obama, the difference being that he _was_ camp obama. he was our compassionate and instinctive leader. he was the organizer, the motivator, he was the epitomy of inclusion. akili's had a tough life, has made tough decisions when faced with tough challenges. he's has had to overcome a lot of shit, and still believes - and makes you believe, that 'yes we can'. he was born to organize communities, and you should want him shaping the education america needs in the next generation. Greg Akili, Community College Board of Trustees, Seat 6

next is Jack Weiss. i've met jack a couple of times. i actually like the guy, in spite of what you might expect. sure, there's those loud whinnies coming from the wealthy landowners moaning about the development coming in. i get it, it sucks. but the city's growing in a new direction, and even though it congests your streets, and moves your neighborhood further away from a suburban feel, it's not a bad thing for los angeles. development brings jobs, and builds communities, and i'm kind of okay with that. it's not jack's ideas, it's the rumors that his constituents can't stand him, and that he's regarded as the most disliked member of our city council (though this too phases me only a little bit, as our city council is more in my mind a club of douchebags (except for you, eric garcetti. i heart you and you're getting my vote tomorrow)). but jack's a smart guy, he's got good experience as a lawyer, a great education (extra points from me for that legal education), and i think he has a real opportunity to do some good work here in an area of politics for which he may be better suited. and i'm willing to give him a chance. all the better that he knows i'll be watching. Jack Weiss for City Attorney

i can't help but cheer for eric garcetti. i just like the guy. i've never met him, but i've heard him speak, i've heard his constituents remark that he's responsive and listens (he'll actually fix your potholes). and i've had such great experiences with folks on his staff, i can only assume he's as cool as he seems. no brainer here, and i really think this guy's got what it takes to do a lot more for los angeles. Eric Garcetti for City Council, District 13

The Ballot Measures
i am voting for the ballot measures, except E. regarding B (this is the solar energy one), there was some debate with my politico friends that made sense. the argument was that the oversight of the program would be in the hands of an already misguided and fairly ineffective city council (see above, "club of douchebags"), which could mean that little progress is actually made with installing solar panels into government buildings. the thing is, little progress is better than no progress, and the courage campaign, sierra club, the la county democratic party, and young progressive majority agree and i'm voting yes on Measure B

and the mayor... i think we all know how i feel about the mayor. but sadly, the competition leaves little room for an alternative. i mean, i'm not voting for tony, but slim pickin's on the ballot. i so badly wanted to love zuma dogg, but it's just not possible. i mean, i like the idea of what he's doing and trying to say, but his style of communication is so not okay for a mayor, especially the mayor of los angeles. in addition to zuma dogg, there are a couple of crazy anti-immigration candidates, some write-ins, there's craig rubin who put his name on the ballot to free the weed, some libertarian actor, and carlos alvarez. i like carlos. he's young, hip, and in this race because he's trying to make the world a better place. but he's too left, even for me (i mean, who knew there was such a place?). i envy his idealism, but am grateful i didn't have power when i thought as he did. so folks, it looks like i've talked myself out of carlos alvarez, and the mayor's box on the ballot altogether.

but i haven't talked myself out of the mayor's election party tomorrow night...


perfume and airplanes

if there are two things that don't mix, it's your perfume in the seat next to me. and just so you know, i'd rather inhale the stench of whatever flavor of b.o. you're trying to hide than the toxic fumes of your frilly fragrance.

this rule also applies to offices, ballgames, concerts, and any and all other closed-quartered events during which you are subjecting me to your bad taste in aromas. trust me, you smell a whole lot worse with it than you would without...