18 April 2008

how great the rewards can be

wow, camp clinton's political machine is sure showing its true colors, confirming its predictability, and proving that it's just too run down and out of touch to really give america what we want and need. and i can't help but wonder if some strategic someone or other, who has historical insight into politicians generally and the clintons more specifically, hasn't helped team obama give senator clinton just enough rope to hang herself while sitting back and watching as she hops into the noose.

the most daming thing to clinton is that we like barack. he's a good guy, a decent and genuine man who has taken the road less traveled in spite of the many adversities he's had to overcome. and he means what he says. i mean, in last night's debate, hillary admitted to the camera that she's a liar and acted as though it were no big deal (as though her husband's dishonesty didn't cost america years of better-spent time tangled up in perjury, lewinsky, and impeachment). with each passing day, her hypocrisy is brought into brighter light, and the sight of her foolishness is beginning to outweigh my urgency to seat a democrat in the white house.

she talks about change, in response to his movement for change. she says she wants things to change too, but then resorts to the very behavior senator obama rebukes as the old style politics that keep us from moving our country forward. but i get it. it's the only way she can win and because winning seems to mean more to hillary clinton than the will of america, she fights on and does so with the same viciousness she criticized back when she was on its receiving end. and i have no doubt it is going to backfire for her, because i have to believe that the american people are smarter than that, and i have to believe that americans are so fed up with the bullcrap in d.c. (and the frat-boy busy administration in particular), that we will see through all the mud being slung to find a bit of hope in the junior senator from illinois who inspires us to believe that yes we can!

and who knows. maybe in the end we will discover that no we couldn't. and maybe we won't. and maybe he won't be able to deliver the promises he is trying to make. but wouldn't you rather take a chance on the new guy who talks about hope, and leads americans to believe that we possess the power within ourselves to make our country great again? wouldn't it be better to give barack obama a chance than to elect someone we already know will disappoint us like all the other politicians before them? isn't it about time to try something new and someone new? someone i adore above all others once said to me, something along the lines of, "no risk, no reward" and i for one am taking the risk.

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