05 July 2008

obama and religion

okay, this is me coming down hard on the ny times and any and all other facets of the main stream media who want to argue that obama has changed his mind about the place where religion and politics commingle...

obama's early career as a community organizer revolved around religious ties when he discovered how well organized the church communities are. many churches and religious communities are already raising money, awareness, and armies to fight poverty, encourage education, and stifle crime. it would be stupid to ignore the good things churches and the religious are already doing, especially at a time when our government and country has proven, without a doubt, that it is too incompetent to handle all the problems our country faces.

like it or not, politics needs the help of churches and organized religious groups to help us empower the disenfranchised, the bitter, the poor, the uneducated, and those who don't yet know they can make a difference in their own lives and their country.

anyone who knows me knows how i personally feel about religion. i have a very distrusting view of most organized religions, including the sects of christianity that helped shape my parents and the rest of my family. too many times in my study of world history, have i seen terrible things done to masses of people in the name of god. "witches" burned, moors murdered for refusing to convert, the holocaust, 9/11, burning crosses in the south, the daily threat of suicide bombings in cities around the world. terrible things that run in absolute contradiction to the very moral code religions claim to embrace. it makes me angry and disgusts me when the holier-than-thou spew venemous hatred in the name of god.

but i also have been blessed to know many good people who find comfort in religion, who work hard through their churches to better their communities, who stand strong against crime and poverty, and fight for better education. good people who make our country better find ways to be involved through their church when their politics do no present such opportunities.

only a foolish politician would shun the goldmine of resources within the religious communities in this country.

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