02 August 2008


man, if mccain wins this election, i am done with this country. if the enlightened of us have not been able to reach out far and wide enough to open people's fucking eyes enough to see through the bullshit, this can't be my home. we don't have to reach everyone, we just have to be the majority for this country to be worthy of my life and heart.

if the majority of this country says to america and the world, "we are simple-minded people, we make our decisions out of fear, we choose to go with what's old and failing because we're too scared of what _could_ happen if we try something new and different," i'm done with this fucking place.

i am NOT a pussy. i bravely march into the unknown (and shit myself a little on the way, but shhh, don't tell anyone) because i am always seeking something better. the status quo is for pussies, george bush is for pussies, john mccain is for pussies. if this is a nation of pussies, i'm outta here.

i hear the conservative bull-speak, "but what about our taxes? what about destroying everything in the middle east because they're fucked up and want to kill us? what about all those lazy americans who sit around shooting each other or shooting each other up, bringing baby after baby into an unloving world? i don't want my tax dollars going to them. i went to college, i did it on my own, they should too." i hear all that selfish, ignorant, close-minded bullshit flowing from the tongues of conservatives. judgy mcjudger fuck-wits who have no interest in going out of their way to lead the unfortunate out of poverty, enlightening the impoverished with education, giving them the gift of empowerment. they're too worried about losing a couple more grand a year in taxes. i mean, god forbid we liberals get anywhere near the reigns. we might actually make america better by working from the bottom up.

instead, they foolishly support a system they perceive to thrive by furthering the economic divide, furthering the enslavement of the powerless into the clutches of poverty. but it doesn't help anyone but the nation's wealthiest and the upper-end of the middle class digging on status quo. it also helps keep crime rates higher, health costs soaring, and productivity stumbling.

we send our tax dollars to bully other countries while americans lie starving, uneducated, unemployed, and diseased. we've shut down hospitals, eliminated the benefits and educational opportunities of those we send off to fight our wars. we've allowed schools to fall into a caste system set up so only those with high iq's can succeed. people are losing their homes because they've already lost their jobs to cheaper outsourced labor, while the cost of a _finite resource we will run out of_ skyrockets because demand for it has gone through the roof. with each passing year, we let rich white guys continue getting richer and climbing higher atop the backs of their servant class, while they beat us down with wars in furtherance of more gold, both at home and abroad. or they make up stories about america's next great leader (because they know he could be the one with the army to upset the rich man's cart of golden apples) being like paris hilton, so they can keep on a keeping people scared, but without having to sound like racists or bigots. it's fucked up and i don't like it.

i don't want to live in a country i can't be proud of. i want to be able to wave american flags and beam with pride when someone in another country says, "oh, america is so great". that ain't happenin' now. we're a laughingstock. we're bullies, assholes, run by a bunch of _elected_ rich white guys, taking care of their oil buddies (i didn't vote for the king of douchebags either time, but the one time the majority of america did vote for his ass, they knew what a moron he is!). i'm ashamed when i see that _president_ making an ass of himself in front of the entire world. i burn with shame when i see offshore drilling proposed (are people really stupid enough to think that will help or do they really just not care, cuz who cares what happens to the world after they die?), global warming mocked, and unjust wars waged. i don't want to be a part of a country that doesn't see that, that allows itself to be manipulated by fear, and carries on handing over their lives, savings, and homes to the ceo's who earn 250 times more than them.

so i do what i can. i call people, walk their neighborhoods, reach out to the community, to speak the truth, to show them that they don't have to be afraid anymore. because the next generation of power in this country is us, the enlightened, those who want a cleaner, safer, more cooperative world, and who want to work together to make all of these things happen, through outreach and education. that's the "we" in the obama campaign. it's not just him, but all of the soldiers of enlightenment who support not just barack obama, but the better world, with better opportunity he believes we can have, because he knows that when people believe in themselves and realize great power we possess, nothing can stop the spread of enlightment. i believe this too.

but i get why people don't. i see that it seems pretty cheesy, and i get why people think it's nonsensical. but those people also see a half empty glass where mine stands half full, and i'd rather put trust in someone like barack obama, who has achieved greatness by believing in himself and working hard. a guy whose greatest message now is to empower others to do the same. not my words, but just close your eyes and "imagine... nothing to kill or die for". that's the world i want to live in, and i believe it's within our reach if it's within our imagination...


  1. but why the lower case at the beginning of each sentence? is it the influence of charles bukowski's _notes_of_a_dirty_old_man_?

  2. odd timing. i'm reading bukowski's "women" right now, but he wasn't the inspiration... i'm just trying to find the right way to express my voice...