04 December 2008

my favorite things about los angeles (in no particular order)

my friends (this is first, everything else is in no particular order)
my apartment
the rare but pure beauty of a clear day
spending the few rainy days cuddled up with a good movie
the scent of jasmine in unexpected places
that it can be both hot and cold in the same day
the hollywood sign
silver lake
basketball in pauley pavilion
farmer's markets
taco stands
the grove
slippery shrimp
the vista
angelenos, no matter from whence they came
venice beach
diversity in all things
the music box steps
the view from my neighbor's deck
the greek theatre
chateauneuf du pape by the glass
the wiltern
art & soul tattoo (scott, in particular)
the ancelle on gramercy
cobras and matadors
shisha bars
california chicken cafe
the sportsman's lodge
hollywood blvd.
grauman's chinese theatre
3rd street promenade
the crisp ocean breeze on an otherwise hot day
the waves crashing onto the shore
june gloom
the pantages
the getty villa
air hockey at yankee doodle on the promenade
killer shrimp
that tommy's burger is always open
el cholo
the oh-so-random after hours scene
the pch
ucla extension
that it's 80 degrees on christmas
if it exists, it can be found here (and probably at a rummage sale)
bacon-wrapped hotdogs from a grill on the sidewalk
the joy in finding biscuits & gravy and grits on a breakfast menu
the edison bar
25 degrees
ethel on 3rd
parties at the museum of natural history
knott's scary farm
sample sales in random downtown warehouses
larchmont village
the smell and feel of the bodhi tree bookstore after lunch at good urth
the awkward bustle of downtown
universal studios
cayenne cafe
gorilla thursdays
ordering spaghetti off the menu at valentino
the way the city smells on a foggy morning
the sunsets in october
sitting on my deck on a warm summer night
how completely crazy some seemingly ordinary nights can turn
that there is a park on stoner avenue
walking through the library for cocktails on the roof of the standard
the sunset junction
star of india
the red lion tavern
being able to give directions to anywhere in the city
knowing that leonardo dicaprio lives here somewhere
the b dash
seeing my office building in every car commercial
having my groceries delivered
401 north sycamore
baja fresh
the cat & the fiddle
westwood village
sunsets over the ocean


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