02 January 2009

the never ending playlist

i love every song on my ipod. some more than others, and some songs sometimes annoy the shit out of me, but they are all my favorite songs.

when i'm not reading super dense books on liberalism, the cold war, and anything by thoreau, i live on shuffle. till 18 songs tickle my fancy. then i burn 'em, and play the cd till it burns out, by which time i've shuffled enough to burn a new list. thing is, i haven't burned a cd since november...

i have shuffling rules (of course i do). i shuffle till i reach that magic number 18 (cuz that's what will consistently fit on a cd). i don't start over, but i give the universe free reign to let the music talk to me. i give it as long as it takes, usually anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. like, i get where i am in heart, soul, and life because a certain song's lyrics or thump will speak to me. and only when i get to that 18 do i feel i'm ripe to hear the the message. and then i play the list over and over and sometimes over again.

for five weeks i have shuffled, and i'm still a song shy of a burn. this run has played a lot of really random stuff i rarely hear. lotsa beastie boys, eminem, madonna, j.t., even more nine inch nails than usual. it's a random mix of fun, thumpy, bumpy stuff, but nothing i hear. i mean, it's all good, i'm enjoying the ride, and maybe i'll even make it to the end of my ipod.

it's just kinda weird.


1 comment:

  1. Do you have any Jonathan Coulton on your iPod? He's a nerd singer/songwriter who is my Lord and Savior. Very smart music and it speaks to me.

    Re: Your Brains, for example, is about one of your office mates who just happened to recently be turned into a zombie... and wants to negotiate about how the two of you can come to some kind of agreement... so that he can eat your brains.