26 April 2009

dicovering a broken rail

first off, i'm fine. (a) i'm tough, and (b) i think i bounce pretty well. but it was super freaky, it really hurt, and i hate that my face is covered in scratches (explaining it all week is also going to be fun (though i could blame it on the cat who kicked my ass yesterday morning...)). i'm scratched because it was thorny bushes i was reaching for to save my life. the good news is that i discovered that the rail on the stairwell from my deck to the recycling bin is broken.

but, uh, i can't believe i just fell down the stairs. though i'm thinking tumbling is a more apt description. either way, i'm pretty sure my life just flashed before my eyes a little bit. and i'm grateful i've got only some scratches, and probably a coupla bruises. almost as grateful as my poor battered little ego is that no one was around for the show...



  1. WHAT?!!! SO not okay!! what a terrible homecoming. :-( i'm sooo glad you're all right.

  2. I'm so glad you're okay! If it makes you feel better, I fell down my steps last winter (& this winter, too, but last year's is much more interesting, lol). Had a pitcher of hot water to pour on my door handle, my son's hand in my other (so he wouldn't fall, ha) & took 1 step & slipped. Had the frame of mind to let go of my child's hand as I was going down & landed in a pile of freeze dried dog poop, sopping wet from the water that fell ALL over me...hot, mind you. And didn't cuss like a sailor because little ears were listening but boy, was it a supreme effort. Not the best way to start a day, lol. But I'm glad you're okay.

  3. Glad you're OK.

    But yeah, tumbling is a better word. Did everything move in slow motion?