24 April 2009

to feel or not to feel... sorry for me

reasons to feel sorry for me:

1) i'm in sacramento
2) my cell phone won't charge
3) i took a _huge_ pay cut this week
4) i traveled to four offices, in four cities, in two days to ask people i work with to take a pay cut
5) those people were mean to me

reasons to not feel sorry for me:

1) i'm in sacramento for the california democratic convention!
2) my cell phone is off
3) i now have a 4-day work week
4) i have been in four cities in the past two days
5) i got to see some asshole get kicked off a train today and it was _awesome_!

see, there's always a bright side



  1. yay, you took the train!

  2. Wait, so did you finally decide to take a job in politics? But a local one?

  3. Bummed to hear about your paycut - those are always rough, no matter what the circumstance. A 4 day workweek though is super awesome shazaam! That will give you more time to write and campaign. Sending out a few photos soon and hope to chat soon. xo!