13 May 2009

35 and paris

i've been jonesing for paris for, i think what may qualify at this point as years. i don't know why. i mean, i don't particularly remember even liking the damn place when last i visited. but there's no denying that paris has been on my mind.

and today, i finally booked the flight. i leave two days after i turn 35. my flight arrives in london, and departs paris two weeks later. i don't know that i've ever done such a thing, just booked a random pair of flights, with no plans, no companions, and no idea where that road will lead.

the good news is that i've got half a year to find friends of friends who live scattered about europe (i'd even be game with swapping apartments if anyone knows a cool parisian who'd like to spend a week on the music box steps), who would love a chance to host a fun american gal for a few days of touristy partying, in exchange for being offered the same on a visit to my hometown.

and even in the unlikely event that i don't, it's not like i'm not going to have fun wherever i may bounce.


1 comment:

  1. That sounds awesome! I considered doing something similar to this last year. I've never been to Europe at all, so I was considering just going on walkabout. I ended up joining the Obama campaign instead. :) It was a good choice, but I've still got it bouncing around in my head.

    Have a BLAST, Kelli! and take pictures! :)