31 May 2009


i've spent the morning catching up on the news, reading about and watching republican pundits squrim on the heels of gingrich's claim that scotus nominee sonya sotomayor is a racist. this is unbelievable to me. those who oppose her nomination have an argument that's sunk to claiming it's wrong for a person's background and upbringing to have any impact on their world view and life and judicial decision making.

if you think for one second that growing up female, in the midwest, with a single mom, and being permanently disabled in a tragic accident in high school doesn't impact every decision i've ever made, you're an idiot. and if you think your upbringing hasn't molded who you are and the decisions you make today, you're a fool. and if you think judge sotomayor's life as a the daughter of puertan rican immigrants, living in the bronx projects, with a single mom doesn't impact who she is and opened the eyes through which she'll judge and decide, you're blind. and if you think it shouldn't, you're the racist.

if justice be blind, justice cannot hit the mark.

the end.


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