07 May 2009

making history

i was there tonight, for history in the making. i could tell you, but i don't really know what the hell it was all about. i think the dodgers were the first team since the tigers (whoever woulda thought that craptastic team ever set any record other than being the shittiest team ever) to win the first 12 consecutive home games. is there seriously a record for this? anyway...

i went to a baseball game with super fun friends. and we had a blast. even though most of us never really knew what was going on. all the better that we won and set a record. and got coupons for free mini sirloin burgers, i will soon be enjoying.


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  1. And too bad Manny Ramirez had to take steroids and screw everything up for the Dodgers. He couldn't have waited until after they came to Chicago? I have tix to two Dodgers/Cubs game and a Manny sighting would've been grand.