27 June 2009

the marx of a loon

i read the communist manifesto yesterday, as well as the 1883 preface in which friedrich engels gives karl marx all the credit for the 'thought' (er, blames?) behind the pamphlet. (and yeah, i'm an exciting gal, spending my extra day off catching up on last summer's reading list (thank you, akb, for pointing out one of my many failures ;)).

the bottom line here is that karl marx was a loon*.

the end.


*reasons in the comments

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  1. and the reason i think he's a loon is two fold: ideology and tone. he writes from an angry place, and the tone of his message is too vitriolic for my quixotic eyes to ever take seriously. and his ideology is too rigid; it unrealistically seeks to interfere with the natural order of human evolution. we'll get there when we're ready. or we won't. and he was a fool to believe that communism could be anything more than the spectre its critics cried.