03 August 2009


i started writing a post about narcissism because i've noticed lately that there seem to be more than a fair number of people in my life who don't give a shit about me enough to ask after my state of affairs, but talk endlessly about themselves, their lives, their kids, their relationships, and the last shit they took.

i even went so far as to look up narcissism in the dictionary, just to make sure i had my arms around the right definition. and when i found this under the first heading, "excessive love or admiration of oneself", i realized that i am a narcissist. and so is every one else i know.



  1. Biggest? Not by a long shot....

  2. hahahahahhahahhaa, this was entirely too accurate.

    ~ an extreme narcissist

  3. on a side note, i know that you can't be referring to me in this entry because i don't have a life, a relationship, or kids, and i certainly don't take shits.