20 August 2009

stinky theatre

tonight i saw a movie that made me laugh and cry, and ride the wave of the story all the way to its inevitably tragic ending. sounds amazing, right? yeah. until they ruined it by changing the best ending ever!

i will never forget how hard i cried when i read that last page of the 'time traveler's wife'. it was that moment of perfection in time, in life, when everything rhymes. and i spent the entire movie looking forward to that beautiful moment between clare and henry that's lived in my imagination ever since.

and now i'm pissed off. pissed that i gave two hours of my life (plus traffic time) to feel so emotionally manipulated, and so let down by being robbed of that 'it' moment on the big screen. if you made that movie, i hate you.



  1. Saw the movie and read the book and don't remember what moment you're referring to... sorry. I love Rachel McAdams.

  2. I thought you did not go to the movies, lol