15 September 2009

the healthcare debate

while racism is clearly an element in the current situation (as in every prior moment in the history of humankind (e.g. the south rose up in opposition when harry truman vowed to outlaw lynchings in 1948 (1948!!??)), the media has decided that 'race' is this week's hot topic.

and it's not a bad conversation to have. because frankly, i'm not sure who is more off their rockers. the folks who believe wholeheartedly that we are in a post racial america. or the ones still wearing costumes to the meetings. and we all need to get that out in the clear open, and talk about it.

and where better to start than with a guy who called the potus a liar during a presidential address? i mean, yay for us democrats that the media will talk about a serious social issue in rovian political style, even if we don't have the balls to do it ourselves.

'look at them racists over there in the republican party'.



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