02 December 2009

opera bastille

on sunday afternoon, i went to see 'la boheme' at paris's opera bastille. because i waited till the last minute, and it was a sold out show, my ticket cost near a king's ransom.

and it was worth every penny and then some.

the first time i ever saw an opera was in paris, at the paris opera house. it was 'carmen', and i remember appreciating but not necessarily loving it.

this time was different. i was so overwhelmed, so moved, i sat there bawling my eyes out because of the emotion expressed on stage. i mean, 'la boheme' is in italian so i don't understand a lick of the words. but the words don't even matter when the performances are powerful enough to render them meaningless, and this particular performance was really that powerful.

i'm still moved. i can still feel the passion whirling about my heart. and i hope i always do.


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