02 March 2009

perfume and airplanes

if there are two things that don't mix, it's your perfume in the seat next to me. and just so you know, i'd rather inhale the stench of whatever flavor of b.o. you're trying to hide than the toxic fumes of your frilly fragrance.

this rule also applies to offices, ballgames, concerts, and any and all other closed-quartered events during which you are subjecting me to your bad taste in aromas. trust me, you smell a whole lot worse with it than you would without...



  1. This is my feeling about cologne as well. I've never liked the smell of any cologne, so I don't wear any. Besides, I've been told by most of the women I've dated that they just love the smell of "clean." I don't know whether it's a soapy smell that tells their unconscious mind that I'm groomed and clean which is a positive thing, or whether I'm just awesome smelling in my own right but it's my preferred method of being.

  2. Don't forget gyms. Nothing worse than dripping, sweaty perfume. Ick.