10 January 2010

my bucket list

i am processing. i'm collecting data of me, perusing the archives of the diaries i've written the past few years, and i found this list. printed copies are on my fridge and on my bulletin board in my office, but it was still neato to stumble across it in my "2007 in words" file. i made this list in october of 2007, a year and a half into my separation, thinking about my future without him. and it's still perfectly accurate...

20. sip turkish coffee in the shadow of the hagia sofia

19. climb the inca trail

18. sit on the inside of an igloo

17. live in paris for half a year

16. hold a really cute monkey

15. learn french and arabic

14. sail the indian ocean

13. swim with dolphins

12. be genuinely surprised by a surprise party

11. make a difference in someone’s life

10. win big in vegas

9. a dinner of bread, cheese and a perfect bottle of domaine de la romanée-conti

8. go on safari

7. take a vacation with my family

6. teach a history class

5. spend a year with no address

4. make love in the rain

3. publish a novel

2. share my life with a great love

1. have a child


  1. you can go ahead an cross number 11 right off that list

  2. i second undo button's comment...you don't know it but you have!

  3. Oh wow, #16.

    I'm stealing that and adding it to my list!