11 March 2010

night terrors

though i'm sure the massive amount of stress i'm under right now plays some role in the nightmares that have been plaguing my sleep these past several weeks, paris guy probably isn't far off the mark, when suggesting that my literary night cap isn't helping.

especially last night.

i've been reading the history of al-queda, and whilst it's as fascinating as it is terrifying, i didn't really feel its impact on my psyche until i woke up a dozen times last night, specifically dreaming about terrorists, bombs, and being frightened and i believe _in_ the middle east somewhere.

but last night i fell asleep right after reading about ramzi yousef and the 1993 world trade center bombing. and that was the first part of the book that resonated with actual memories. and feelings.

and whilst i remain utterly captivated by this book, and in trying to get inside the minds of those who wish to destroy us (and believe me, the more i learn, the less i understand), i fear that the nightmares will only get worse as the timeline nears a day that to me will forever live in infamy.

and probably to you...


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