08 September 2010

vii movement

for those of you unfamiliar with the wiley ways of the supernatural, the above is a reference to a tarot card: a major arcana card representing transition into the next phase of life. what the eff you may be asking yourselves...

i went to see a psychic tonight. i'm forever curious about those who claim vision into the beyond, and i'm hyper critical to and perhaps even "closed off" to their words of wisdom. the one i met tonight made grand claims to my inability to move forward in life, said i was stuck, unable to feel, and confined to numbness. i listened to her reasons and revealed nothing in my actions, words, and expressions. i wanted her to move onward and speak from beyond without my help.

and she failed. she failed to see me. sure, she made claims about past failed loves (not any dissimilar from a failed love any of us could claim), talked about the frustrations of my career (so generically that any of us could have had the same reading), and spoke of other generalities that mean nothing upon reflection.

and then, after telling me that i'm so closed off she can't read me, offered to clear my chakras for $700.

so why do i write of her, you might ask. because she made me stop, think, reflect, wonder, and question my life and future. so much so that i called my mommy for some perspective (for the sake of full disclosure, my mommy is a reiki master who can guage and massage my chakras from a thousand miles away).

and then i pulled a tarot card (for full disclosure, i've been reading tarot since i was in college and charged $5 per reading for my fellow dorm-mates who came back often and brought friends). the tarot card i pulled was "movement" which spoke of a period of transition in my life. it is a major arcana card that depicts a slow and steady movement into a new phase in my life.

for those of you who read my bullshit often, you know i am transitioning. you know that my love for DC is gradually turning to hate (more on this later), and that my desire to live in the fast lane is surely being replaced by my desire to be a wife, a mom, and a person _living_ instead of working.

so, after my crazy day, i think i can safely turn in tonight knowing that my mom's got my chakras, and that i've got me covered safely, sanely, and solely. and that i'm as far from closed off to life, love, and the pursuit of happiness as sayyid qutb isn't...


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