04 November 2010

post-election rundown

okay, the fat lady has sung, repugs took the house, and my thoughts've been requested.

my initial thought is one of giddiness. it's no fun for me to bag on a potus i love so much. and despite the thoughts of many, i never hated nancy pelosi or even harry reid (though i do think the latter is a bit of a pussy). and as incompetent as the now-lameduck congress has been the past two years, i sincerely believe such is the nature of the game, something that cannot change without an overhaul of washingtonian business the likes of which will take a calamity so great the entire city falls into the potomac. so going nutso on the democrats and bagging them to high hell was never something i was going to do, here or otherwise. john boner and team douchebag (R-all over), on the other hand, means open season here on the music box steps.

and i'm going to start with, "day 2, boner, where are the fucking jobs?"

i also think it will make my job in 2012, to get president obama elected for his second term, a whole lot easier. i mean, the "no to everything" days are over. if team douchebag really does care about america, they're going to actually have to do something. they are going to have to work with the president. if they do nothing, dems win handily in 2012. if they do something and the economy does turn around, guess who benefits come election day? that's right, president obama.

so, my initial thoughts are all kinda good. in the back of my mind, i always did kinda hope it would go this way (though probably not this badly, and not without the hefty concern that it could start an impeachment witchhunt (which would be a very bad calculation on the part of team douchebag (and even i don't think they can possibly be that dumb (can they?)))). i mean, look how good it was for the country when this happened to reagan in '82 and clinton in '94. things got done. they became better presidents. balance was restored. and balance is a good thing, or at least it can be. i would be a little more confident in believing such if the current g.o.p. wasn't such a giant pool of nincompoops.

but we shall see, and i shall snarkily share my thoughts on what will no doubt be a most interesting two years... i might even start watching msnbc on occasion in order to heat up the vitriol. i mean, if you can't beat 'em, join em, right?


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