12 December 2010

feeling the holidays

i have spent 13 years of christmases in a tropical paradise, give or take a coupla holiday vacations to winter wonderlands, trying harder to get in the spirit than actually being in the holiday spirit. but living in a place where it's cold (bitter bitter cold), it just feels like christmas. and christmas kinda rocks!

yesterday whilst driving miss scarlet to her photo shoot with santa claus, i saw three different groups of folk carrying still-wrapped christmas trees up 14th street. medium-sized, little, a one big tree (at least a bit big to be carrying a number of blocks), but. people. carrying. christmas trees. up the street. up the bitterly cold street, a gray sky overhead, and enough dampness in the air to wonder if it would be rain or snow when it decided to hit.

people all bundled up in, what i surprisingly find to be, fabby gear. i mean, who knew that winter was a beacon for accessorizing. you wouldn't believe the stylishness (along with its antagonist) i see. the hats: fedoras (even on girls!), beenies and berets, vintage cloches, and these super cute wintery ones with the ear muff thing and strings hanging down. not to mention scarves, coats and jackets, and omg! the boots.

the whole package. the christmas trees tossed over one shoulder, and the ones dragged by gleeful kids, the red starbucks cups, the lights, the signs of sales everywhere and the sounds of christmas tunes lighting up every shop, store and starbucks, the santas with bells and the ones sitting with dogs, it's all kinda awesome. fun. happy. charitable. the way christmas is supposed to feel.

it's almost ironic that it takes the shitbag pile of freezing rain, bitter cold dog walks, and slippery sidewalks to feel that true holiday cheer.


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