26 June 2010

at home in the district

i'm not giving up on the hope that i'll be able to pirate a connection tonight. it feels like i haven't been online in weeks, that i haven't read a newspaper in months, and that i'm farther out of any loop than i've ever been.

but i'm home. i've hung my hat and scarlet her leash on u street. and even though our stuff doesn't get here until the second week in july, i am so happy to be _home_, i don't even care that we're on folding chairs and air mattresses for a coupla weeks. and out of the car...

the road trip kicked ass! we left the left coast, crossed hoover dam, spent a coupla days at the grand canyon, visited the eisenhower and truman libraries, saw friends, visited the family, and did most of it on two-lane backcountry highways, traveling through 15 states, and finally landing last night in the district of columbia. bitches, we saw and loved america!

and here we are at home, a new music box steps on a new street in a new town...


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  1. Ok. Sit down. I need to fill you in then. Are you sitting? Good. Here goes. Kelli. Kelli? Kelli! There has been an oil spill. Now, really, it is bad. Real bad. First they said "Oh, 5000 barrels a day." Reality, according to scientists, despite government and B.P.(short for Bad People -they are responsible for the spill) efforts to silence them, is closer to 60,000 barrels a day. So, they were just a little off. The oil continues to spew away day by day.You can watch the fascinating footage on CNN's Spillcam! Thank God for that! Efforts are futile thus far to plug the leaking geyser of black gold. In fact, not to be out done by Exxon drivers, some dumb ass driving a remote robot thingy took out what little containment success there was in place. Now we wait for the next Katrina to come and really stir the whole shit storm up to a level even more incomprehensible than it is now. So there you have it. Welcome back :O)