18 February 2011

wedding woes

planning a wedding isn't fun. unlike other parties i've planned (and i've planned and executed many successful parties), this one isn't really a party. it's more of an over-priced, over-trumped, challenge to meet a dozen competing expectations. what the eff is fun about that?

my fiance and i have now looked at two possible venues for our upcoming nuptials. the first was okay. it is very conveniently located and it looks like it'd be a real nice, small-ish, outdoorsy spot (we had to use our imagination as it was covered in the remains of a blizzard). and there's a carousel in that park which could result in some super fun wedding pics.

the second almost gave me hives. it was on the other side of the missouri river so we had to cross a bridge. not sure i've mentioned it, but i really hate bridges. it was in this super quaint, cute little historic area of the burbs, that had kind of a sappy sweet vibe. but when we were walking through the actual venue, i almost went into cardiac arrest. it felt claustrophobic and constricting. and so very ordinary. not to mention that it was nearly double the price of the first place we saw.

and that was when i lost my shit. i mean, tears, drama, the whole stupid girl thing. and i feel bad for my fiance because he liked the place that made me throw up in my mouth. the thing is, this whole wedding thing, it's just not me. don't get me wrong, i want to marry my fiance, and i want to have a super fun day with our families and besties, and capture every amazing moment in photos. but some big show that's more about everyone else than it is us, i don't want that. and neither does the person i'm marrying.

i just don't know how or when we're going to figure out what, where, and when is right for us. we're less than six months from our august-ish goal, and haven't really settled on anything. we are leaning toward a weekend - the one when the cubs are in town (oh what fun that would be!), but as far as a decision. nada.

oh woes us.


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  1. I felt the same way, and we kept ours as simple as we could. We found a reception hall with a gazebo out back, keeping everything in one place. We hired a couple of musicians we liked for the ceremony and told them to play something pretty. (I still don't know what they played.) Another friend's band played the reception, and we hired an acquaintance who was a photographer at the newspaper to take the pictures. We had everyone bring a flower, and my sister-in-law attached them to a lattice on the gazebo, so when I saw it for the first time it was covered in flowers. It was beautiful but laid back, and people still tell me it captured the essence of what a wedding should be. I'm sure yours will be just as wonderful.