18 March 2011

libya's new day

for the record, the liberal interventionist in me is always on the side of proffering humanitarian aid, and i am just as eager to intervene militarily when the decision's made multilaterally.

today, the UN, with support from some arab nations, made official a no-fly zone over libya, an announcement that was greeted with jubilation in libyan opposition stronghold bhenzagi. non-negotiable demands that qaddafi back off its people, restore water, electricity and gas, and stop with the genocide followed suit.

in order to keep libyan aircrafts out of its skies, british and french troops will first have to destroy qaddafi's air fleet, wipe out its runways, and only then will UN enforcement planes start monitoring libyan airspace (otherwise, qadaffi - who has already proven himself adept at doing so (see the lockerbie bombing and UTA flight 772), will shoot down UN planes).

and if that doesn't work, i guess we'll all get to see just how far libya's deranged leader is willing to go to remain true to his claim that he will "stay in libya till i die".


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